Kajsa regularly holds lectures in Sweden and abroad that have proved to be extremely popular. Kajsa's lectures provide a great deal of food for thought and at the same time, you will come away feeling greatly inspired and full of joy.

Kajsa welcomes requests to come and hold a lecture for your organisation or group. Below is a sample of the lectures she generally holds, but she is always open to customising her lectures to your particular interests and needs. Kajsa gives lectures in many different contexts and with a range of prices.

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Gender equality in leadership promotes health and creativity

Learn about how the unconscious behaviours and approach of the manager controls and limits the employee's opportunities.
Broaden your knowledge of gender equality in practice, and let every moment and every interaction ensure that your leadership develops your employees and yourself. It's the details of everyday life that determine how well you succeed. After the lecture, you will be able to lead your team towards higher productivity and profitability through increasing their potential for creative development and improved health and well-being.

Community – a question of power and dominance

Who chooses who is included in the community established within the group? Adults' unconscious patterns of behaviour pave the way for power hierarchies – win or disappear. Who confers status and how does it happen? Is a breeding ground for bullying and violence created by adults right from the way in which they treat small children?
A lecture which provides a true Aha! experience and is of great value for any company or organisation.

Other lectures

  • Getting started with your gender equality work
  • Surprise, denial, and ultimately change with joy
  • Parents! Give your baby the best of opportunities
  • Reduce violence and bullying – promoting a sense of community and positive self-esteem
  • Everything is more fun with gender equality
Please contact Kajsa for suggestions on what might suit your particular needs. 

Dyslexia: pothole or springboard?

How do children deal with the generally unsympathetic attitudes of adults towards dyslexia? What can teachers and parents do to develop their capacities to develop alongside dyslexic children? A lecture that provides a totally new understanding of dyslexia and is addressed mainly to staff in preschools and schools.

Optimise your profits with the aid of gender equality

Only when everyone at the workplace or in the work group is treated equally can their full potential and creativity flourish.  Only then can everyone's resources to be utilised to the full, optimising results. Many people are talking today about the democratic company and the democratic organisation. But as long there is no conscious work to support gender equality, some will lead and others will follow. This lecture helps you gain an understanding of how to broaden gender roles. It helps you to develop yourself and gives you practical tools so that you can start working straight away to improve your workplace or organisation. Very quickly, you will notice some big differences in your results.

Girls, boys and teachers

Kick-off lecture about how a lack of gender equality narrows gender roles and restricts opportunities for both girls and boys.  This lecture is addressed to organisations that have decided to work with gender equality based on the book Girls, boys and teachers.