"I was at a seminar of yours in Växjö on 6 March. Your work is wonderful!  I hope that more Kajsas are born all over the world. I wrote about your activities in a short article in a Japanese newspaper." 

Yoko, Japan

"You made a big impression when you concluded our conference. It was important for us and our customers. You're great!"  

Erik Winqvist

"Dear Kajsa,
 I have read your book and got your e-mail address via UR.  I wanted to e-mail you to give you some positive feedback.What an interesting book you have written! Interesting and informative! I really hope that many people read it and take on board what you have learnt from your experiences."  

Lena Söderström

Director Business Development
Fresenius Kabi AB


Thank you for a wonderful lecture here in Gothenburg on 30 Aug.
We were very inspired and several more preschools in my area would like to know when you will be in our area so that they can register for your lecture."

Ulrika Johansson
Relieving principal at a preschool

"I would like to begin by thanking you for the interesting and enlightening visit I made to your preschools when I was the Minister for Gender Equality.

I think that what you are doing there is very important. Growing up in an environment that prioritizes gender equality means that it becomes a natural part of life. If we are ever to achieve a society in which women and men have equal opportunities and possibilities in life, we have to start with the gender equality perspective as far back as the school and the preschool.

For this reason, I think that your lead-in to promoting gender equality is very, very interesting. I wish you every success in your important work, and good luck!"  

Ulrica Messing, Minister for Gender Equality

"Dear Kajsa,
I heard your lecture at the Employers Forum at the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and thought that what you spoke about was very exciting and interesting. 

Here in Ale, we are now considering how working with gender equality in preschools might function and how it might be established.  I wanted to ask you if you have any material that you would be able to share, and I also wonder what your price would be to come to Ale municipality to lecture for a morning?" 

Linda Fritzén
HR manager

"Dear Kajsa and many, many thanks for your lecture! It felt soooo good, and we are very satisfied! Now it's just a matter of rolling up our sleeves and getting down to work. There was a great story about the lecture in the Folket newspaper that I will send to you! Take care – I'll be in contact again soon!" 


"Hi Kajsa, I would like to thank you for the extremely interesting lecture you gave. I have seen you on TV, read and heard a lot about your preschools and was super-glad that I had the chance to listen to you in person.

As I said, I work in the Scout movement and this area concerns me greatly. I will take with me what you said today and use it in my work with leaders, groups and Scouts. We have several networks which, in their different ways, are working to strengthen young women and spread information and inspiration about equal opportunity.

I will check to see if there is an opportunity to invite you, perhaps we can have open meetings or maybe we might be able to use this as a "cheer-on meeting" for those of us involved in Scouts.

Thanks again, what great work and Hi Hi!"

Frida Ohlsson, Development consultant,
 Guides and Scouts of Sweden 

"Thanks Kajsa for two fun and informative days with you!"

Angela Madsèn Jonsson, Development Secretary
Jönköping Municipality